12/07/19 : séminaire sur les Amiantes Environnementales et leur gestion par Dr Jasmine PETRIGLIARI (« G. Scansetti » Center, Turin, Italie)


Jasmine Rita Petriglieri, en contrat postdoctoral au “G. Scansetti” Center for Studies on Asbestos and Other Toxic Particulates » de l’Université de Turin (Italie), présentera ses travaux sur les Amiantes Environnementales et le développement de techniques nouvelles sur la gestion du risque associé. Ce séminaire sera en langue française : Natural Occurrences of Asbestos: development of new tools in the asbestos-risk management.

mots-clé : Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA), health hazard, sampling, risk management

lieu / horaire / langue : amphi 80 (SIGMA) / 13h (entrée libre) / français

résumé : The natural occurrence of asbestos (NOA) and potentially hazardous mineral fibres is a growing global health concern. The diagnosis of asbestos-related diseases in population working or living in proximity of asbestos-rich outcrops urged environmental and health agencies to promote researches on NOA. The high number of minerals that occurs in fibrous shape and the fact that many of them share with asbestos toxic effect (e.g., erionite) represent a risk in many settings, including mining, tunneling, and infrastructural works in general. Environmental and human safety in NOA-rich areas requires an enhanced geological risk evaluation. Small to large infrastructural works in NOA-bearing rocks indeed pose several geo-environmental issues such as proper set up of the construction site, adequate workers’ health protection tools, and NOA-aware spoil and waste management. It is known that current health and safety EU regulation involved in indoor monitoring and waste management hardly applies to NOA-rich settings. With the aim to achieve a reliable definition of the geo-environmental NOA-risk, a detailed geological model has been prepared for the motorway tunnel bypass of Genoa (IT), a 72 km long infrastructure with more than 54 km of tunneling in NOA-rich rocks. Details of the procedure will be illustrated as well as the need for the assessment of the reproducibility in different geological environments.

bio : Jasmine Rita Petriglieri is a postdoctoral researcher at the “G. Scansetti” Center for Studies on Asbestos and Other Toxic Particulates, University of Torino (IT). She holds a PhD in Earth Sciences, Mineralogy, obtained within a bilateral doctorate programme between the University of New Caledonia (F) and Parma (IT). Her thesis focuses on the evaluation of mineral alteration of asbestos-bearing rocks under sub-tropical climate, introducing an analytical strategy for the in situ identification of natural occurrences of asbestos (NOA) and asbestiform minerals. Her current research aims to develop innovative tools for the risk management of asbestos and related mineral fibres in natural environment.