Camille Clerc

Maître de conférences - Maître de conférences
Rifting - Marge passive - Extension - Tectonique


Camille CLERC is Associate Professor in Earth Sciences at the University of New Caledonia. He works within the Institute of Exact and Applied Sciences (ISEA). His current research focuses on the evolution of passive margins of Zealandia and New Caledonia Ophiolite.

During his PhD research Camille studied the aborted Cretaceous rift system fossilized in the Pyrenees. Since 2009, he is studying the architecture and thermal evolution of passive margins, both from fossil margins exhumed in orogens (Pyrenees) and from present-day passive margins.

He currently explores the mechanisms of crustal thinning of the drowned continent Zealandia and investigates the geological setting of New Caledonia ophiolite and its subduction-obduction complex.


  • Stage volontaire Master Simon Bufféral
  • Stage M2 et thèse B. Corre
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